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Just Spiders!


No ads, no misinformation, JUST all you want to know about SPIDERS!!!!

I have been interested in spiders since 1996 when I was a teacher of a Year 5 class and noticed how many of my students were either afraid of spiders or thought they had to kill them on sight!! Through units of work, I taught my students not to be afraid but still cautious and to appreciate spiders for the wonderful job they do in keeping down the insect population of our world!! And that they definitely did not all need killing on sight!!! In fact, there are only a few species of spider that are harmful to humans as their venom is designed to kill or incapacitate insects, NOT humans. 

There are plenty of sites out there with spider first aid, bites, folk lore and other information but this site is simply photos and information about spiders. I will happily try and identify a spider if you want to email it to me and I'll include your photo in the appropriate section if you give permission.


Here's some quick info about the Anatomy of a spider.


The anatomy of a spider, an arachnid, includes four pairs of legs and a body divided into two regions, the cephalothorax (head section) and the abdomen.The spider produces silk from spinnerets located in its abdomen and uses the silk to spin webs, to line its burrow, to wrap its eggs in cocoons, and to lower itself by a single strand to the ground. Its scientific class, Arachnida, is named for the Greek tapestry weaver Arachne, who was turned into a spider by the goddess Athena.

See the Spider Information page for more detailed information about a spider's body. This diagram is courtesy of Pearson Education, all copyright acknowledged. 

And finally, just to clear up a widely held misconception - Spiders are VENOMOUS not POISONOUS

Venomous animals inject venom through bites and stings like spiders, snakes, stingrays, bees etc.

Poisonous animals will poison you if you:

  • absorb the poison - perhaps by touching the skin of a poisonous frog

  • consume the poison  - perhaps by eating a poisonous animal

  • inhale the poison - perhaps by breathing in some poisonous spores like plants, fungi

Here's a diagram copyright to: SketchPlantations

Please enjy the site and get in touch with me if I can assist with any spider ID or info. Here's my email.



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