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Southern House Spider

The Southern House Spider, Kukulcania (Filistata) hibernalis Hentz, is a conspicuous arachnid  due to its relatively large size and distinctive flat, tangled web. It is common throughout Florida and much of the southern United States in human populated areas. Females are rarely seen and don't venture far from their web. The females are dark brown or black and more compact. Both sexes may grow to be roughly two inches across (legs extended), with the males typically having longer legs, and the females often having larger, bulbous bodies. The abdomen of the southern house spider is covered with fine velvety light grey hair. Males of this species are often mistaken for the notorious Brown Recluse Spider, Loxosceles reclusa because of their colour and general shape. Males wander in search of a mate and will crawl over anything not because they are aggressive but because they are nearly blind! Southern House Spiders are not known to have a dangerous bite. However, two reported bite cases caused the victims pain and swelling for a few days.

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