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Neoscona sp.


Neoscona Sp. are hairy field spiders with a round abdomen which overhangs the carapace. The genus Neoscona is similar to Caerostris being nocturnal and cryptically coloured. The legs are equipped with numerous spines. During the day this spider takes refuge amongst leaves and in or under bark. Neoscona species are very variable in colour. This is the spider responsible for the mysterious orb web found spanning from gutter to balustrade at night only to be missing next morning. The orb-web is constructed at night, shortly after dark. once complete the host will position herself head down at the hub (centre) of the web waiting for prey to fly into the web.

Neoscona Sp.

At the first sign of sunrise, the spider will remove its web only leaving the bridge line and a few supporting threads for construction next evening.


Neoscona will be found resting under the gutter during the day. As the common name implies these spiders occur in the field among grasses and bushes.


The toxicity of the venom of this spider, which is small and non-aggressive, is uncertain but may cause mild illness.

Neoscona Semarak

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