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Triangular Spider


Australia has about 9 species of Triangular Spiders, which ambush insects. The Triangular Spiders Latin name is Arkys Lancearias. Its full size is about the size of a twenty cent piece.


The abdomen is small and flat. It is shaped from a triangular shape to a heart shape with white circles. The front legs are strong with spines. They also have spines sticking out sideways on their head. They can be coloured red, orange, brown, black, white and yellow.

Triangular Spider.jpg

Triangular Spiders live in gardens, trees, shrubs and on clothes lines. They are most common in Summer. They live Australia wide in the warmer regions. They also live in New Guinea.


The most common Triangular Spider lives in the rainforests, bushland and many different places such as leaves, seed heads and flower spikes. They live in all eastern states and favour areas of regrowth in the bush after bushfires, where thay can blend in with the colours of the bark.

Triangular Spiders feed on small insects such as grasshoppers, flies, caterpillars and ants. They sit very still anchored by its hind legs. When anything touches its front legs, they close like a pair of tongs.

After the male and female mate, the female can lay up to 50 eggs. The egg sac is a pale coloured silk ball about 7mm across which is hung on a stalk.

Triangular Spiders have small fangs. They can only hurt small insects and are harmless to humans. They can kill an insect in 13 seconds. If a human is bitten, they will feel mild local pain for about 30 minutes; then  it forms a red welt which feels hot.

Steve Parrish's "Amazing Facts About Australian Insects and Spiders"

By Jodie

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